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Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist at my GHSc accredited high Practitioner Grade
A NOS compliant practical training course.

Gain qualifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and as an NLP Practitioner.
Weight Control Specialist and as a Stop Smoking Specialist.


  • Accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSc)
  • Accredited by the Guild for Stress Management & Trauma Specialists (GSMTS)
  • Accredited by ACCPH at level 4 and allows you to join as a professional member.
  • Affiliated Training Provider with Hypnotherapy Directory

Fire up your desire to make a change in you and others.

To become one of the best you first choose the best training provider.

It’s exciting, wonderful and almost magical and the best job satisfaction ever!

Full Practitioner courses below.
Top quality, fantastic experience, he really does love what he does.
John is one of the best. He wants you to be the best you can be.
Just some of the comments from past students.

Before you choose a training provider, do your homework, do your due diligence, check out reviews, speak to past students.
I can supply contact details should you wish to do so as I believe this is very important.
They include graduates who trained with me and some who did not but wish they had. I have nothing to hide.
It is easy to type on here how good we are and let’s face it no one is going to type they are bad.
Check check and double check.

John Dewar’s School of Hypnotherapy offers the comprehensive professional Diploma courses to the highest G.H.S.c accredited Practitioner Grade.

Top quality, fantastic experience, he really does love what he does. — Just one of the comments from past students.

If you are thinking of making hypnotherapy your new career or simply want to learn for self benefit, you have come to the right place. John’s hands on, practical and friendly courses are designed to help you master this amazing technique quickly and leave you feeling confident in your new skills.Become the best of the best.

Imagine a life where you are liberated.
Imagine a life where you create your future.
Imagine a life where you decide your working hours.
Imagine a life where you enjoy very day.
Imagine life where you are happy every day.
Imagine a life where you have freedom from a “job”.
Imagine life where you stop thinking will I get a pay increase this year?
Imagine a life where you make the decisions.
Imagine a life where you decide how much you earn.
Imagine a life where you are in control!
Imagine your life after you created your future.

And with John’s “always open door” policy, your learning won’t stop after you are awarded your diploma.

Become a Hypnotherapist

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He offers additional courses and Master classes so you can build on what you have already learnt and also offers ongoing personal support for as long as you want it.

Please take a look at what our past clients say and download the Prospectus below – see for yourself why training with John Dewar is the right decision…
Think about this…The bad taste of poor quality training is remembered long after the lure of a cheaper price is forgotten.
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  • 7 x Weekend course. Saturdays and Sundays £2395.00
  • May 21/22. June 18/19. July 16/17. August 13/14. September 10/11. October 8/9. November 5/6.
  • Deposit £295.00 Followed by 7 equal payments of £300.00.
  • Payment due on the Monday of each training weekend.
  • N.B. All deposits are Non-Refundable.
  • Fully refunded if I cancel.
  • INTENSIVE 3 weeks TBA
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