Alcohol Control Specialist Event

Alcohol Control Specialist Event

The event for Hypnotherapists who want to help people overcome their Alcohol problem.

This is an issue that impacts on all walks of society.

No longer the old stereotype of alcoholics. From suburban housewife to city high flyers. Many are using or misusing alcohol to get through the stress of modern day life.

It’s a growing market, and people are looking for help, including alcohol addiction help, and addiction to painkillers. That is the first positive step towards us.

Join me for an informative and enjoyable day and learn how to help people stop drinking or manage their consumption level just like many are able to do after they visit a local cheap rehab centre.

We will cover: –

  • How to reach your ideal market. A short marketing session
  • Key Facts & information
  • Size of the current & future market opportunity
  • How to identify clients risk level
  • Alcohol myth busters
  • Testing your own knowledge
  • Strategic tips to use in client preparation & future planning
  • Recording methods for clients.
  • Facing the truth
  • Binge drinking Vs Social drinking
  • How to remove alcohol cravings (Live demonstration)
  • Additional methods to stop clients wanting alcohol (Live demonstration)
  • Uncover the causal.
  • What is it they seek? (Live demonstration)
  • Changing clients behaviour & or beliefs (Live demonstration)
  • Increasing self-esteem (Live demonstration)
  • Amplify the post hypnotic suggestions (Live demonstration)
  • A prescriptive sessions process running order

What you will get: –

  • A course ring binder c/w protective sleeves for your notes
  • A quality pen
  • Full course notes
  • Client diary
  • All the material to build your own Alcohol training manual
  • Opportunity to practise
  • An interactive event
  • Confidence to deal with this issue and to charge what you are really worth
  • Post course support
  • Refreshments on arrival                          
  • Please note lunch is not provided.

If you are unable to attend this event, then you can purchase my (51 A4 pages) Alcohol Control Manual in Pdf format for only £55.00.

A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques. Diplomas cost £20.00 including postage.

You need to contact me for details as this is not yet an automated process.  A human (Me) has to press buttons to send it.

Award:Diploma as an Alcohol Control Specialist

Forthcoming Alcohol Control Event

    There are not upcoming events of this type. Contact us for futher details and likely release dates.