What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be described as an altered state of awareness, something that we all experience many times every day. It is completely natural and has been around for as long as mankind, in fact records show that the ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians recognised the potential of this altered state to benefit their lives.

The word hypnosis even comes from the Greek word for sleep – Hypnos.

If you have ever watched the fixed gaze of a person whist they watch TV, you will have seen the trance like state of hypnosis in action. Their conscious mind switches off to some degree allowing their subconscious mind to take control. The free hypnosis scripts available online can also help on garner more knowledge on the subject and learn.

Conscious mind

Your everyday woken state. The analytical state that tries to work thing out, writes shopping lists and wonders where to go on holiday.

Subconscious mind

This is the part of you that offers protection, will blink your eyes before a fly flies into them, allows for multiple actions to take place at once.

E.G. How do you get in and out of a car? It is your conscious mind that is trying to work that out now…it’s your subconscious mind that just allows you to do it.

It is in this state, free from interruptions and sabotage from your conscious mind, that a properly trained and qualified hypnotherapist can help you make your own beneficial changes to improve your life. Throughout the experience you are not asleep, rather you are in a wonderfully relaxed state that is often more focused than normal. You remain in complete control and can come out of the trance state whenever you wish.

The Role of the Hypnotherapist

It’s the role of the Hypnotherapist to help you attain this natural trance state easily and elegantly and whilst there, communicate with your subconscious mind using various unique techniques that you can learn through the school.

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