Weight Reduction Specialist Diploma


A fantastic event sharing how I treat clients for Weight Issues.
And how to increase your own revenue.

Our day covers: –

  • How to sell your expertise over the phone
  • What to say when you answer your phone
  • Understand the difference between price and value
  • How to overcome cravings
  • How to stop clients eating certain foods
  • Develop your skills using Aversion Techniques
  • Develop your skills using Suggestive Therapy
  • The reason Diets fail and Hypnosis works
  • Parts Therapy and Re-Framing Parts
  • Negotiate with the “Eating Part”
  • Using the Conveyer Belt
  • Start Client’s Exercising during Sleep
  • Amplifying the Post Hypnotic Suggestion (PHS)
  • Shrinking Clients Stomach
  • Learn my fantastic Imaginary Hypnotic ‘Gastric’ Band & Adjusting methods
  • Discover how to run group multiple sessions
  • Gain group rapport in seconds
  • Some Hypnotic jokes to get group laughing
  • Copy of my ice-breakers

Our day involves: –

  • Live demonstrations
  • Craving Busters
  • Food Busters
  • Drinks Busters
  • Shrinking stomach
  • Live demonstration of a single weight session
  • Changing Client Behaviour
  • Uncovering the Causal (Depends on what our volunteer tells me as to which technique I demonstrate)
  • Negotiate with the Part (Depends on what our volunteer tells me as to which technique I demonstrate)
  • Future Progression
  • PHS Post Hypnotic Suggestion template
  • Talking through organising and hosting groups
  • Template for 4 x weekly group sessions

What you will get: –

  • A comprehensive 4 session running order for Weight & Banding
  • Quality material.
  • Quality 4 ring binder
  • Quality pen
  • Template process for Hypnotic Gastric Banding
  • Template process for 4 weight sessions
  • Template for your own Group sessions, including all required material
  • Scripted metaphor for exercising during sleep
  • A new understanding
  • The confidence to charge what you are really worth
  • Refreshments only on arrival
  • Please note lunch is not provided.                                    
  • Diploma as a Weight Specialist

Alternatively if you cannot attend in person, consider purchasing my 45 page fantastic E Manual in Pdf format for only £55.00. A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques. Diplomas cost £23.00 including postage.

Copy of the content is available prior to purchase. This is not automated so you need to contact me as a human has to arrange the transfer.

                                                  Affiliated Training Partner

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