Supervision Events

 After JUNE all Group Supervision events will be via ZOOM.
Option 1-JUNE 26 Saturday at venue. £45.00. 10am until 4.00pm
Plus after booking on Saturday you get a FREE invite to on-line on Sunday.
Option 2-JUNE 27 Sunday on-line. £14.99 11am until 1.00pm.
Sunday Supervision only.
No cancellations with refund after 15 June.
Gestalt Therapy and or Gestalt Dreamwork will be our subject
for a FREE 2 hour demonstration session in the morning. Saturday only.

Outline of Gestalt
Gestalt therapy is the result of the work of two German psychotherapists
Frederick Perls [1893-1970] and Lore Perls (wife of Fritz) both doctors.
Fritz was a psychiatrist and his wife was a psychologist.
The term Gestalt means “whole”. Gestalt therapy was developed from Gestalt psychology, a school of thought that emphasised perception
of completeness and wholeness.
A central concept of Perls ideas is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, i.e. a holistic nature of humans.
Applying that to human nature, Gestalt psychologists believed that persons are more than a sum of their parts.
A person functions as a complete being, surrounded by many parts of their being including spouse, family, peers, colleagues, work and community.
The concept of the whole also applies to the interaction between the
psychological (mind) and physiological (body) aspect of the person.
Gestalt therapists attend to clients’ thoughts, feelings, behaviours, body and dreams.
They emphasise on the integration of different parts of the clients’ life and how the parts fit together, as well as how the individual makes contact with the environment (Corey 2005).
Thus, a healthy person is one who is able to live productively by co-ordinating and balancing the various parts of life into a complete unified and healthy whole.
In other words, individuals can cope with their life problems, especially if fully aware of what is happening in and around them.
One assumption of Gestalt Therapy is the belief that the “now” is what really matters for exploration not the past.
Our volunteers will “talk “to the issue and we will use as many chairs as required.
This is a fantastic therapy tool and if you do not already use it, you will benefit joining our event and learn and enjoy this awesome technique.

Gestalt Dream Work
Perls’ theory of dreams follows the holistic nature of gestalt therapy.
Dreams are seen as being projections of parts of oneself.
Often these are parts that have been ignored, rejected or even suppressed.
One aim of gestalt dream analysis is to accept and reintegrate these.
The dream needs to be accepted in its own right, not broken down and analysed out of existence as something unique to the bedroom.
As with all Gestalt therapy, dream analysis involves much dialogue and acting out. The dreamer is encouraged to enter into dialogue with the various aspects of the dream. The dreamer will also be encouraged to take the part of the dream elements, to act out the dream from their perspective.
This applies as much too inanimate as to animate objects. Therefore, for example, if you dream of being chased across a field you might begin a dialogue where you turn to face the pursuer and start asking him/her/it questions.
Then you might take the place of the pursuer and start describing the chase from that point of view. This process could then be repeated from the perspective of a tree in the field overlooking the chase, a new perspective that could bring unexpected realisation.
An important factor of Perls’ theory of dreams is that little if any emphasis is given to “universal” symbols. All symbolism is unique in that it comes from the dreamer and only the dreamer can truly interpret it. In this way Gestalt, dream analysis does away with the concept of the analyst as expert.

Thinking about Supervision?
When you think of attending a group supervision, what are your initial thoughts?
Are you going to attend because it is a requirement of your registration membership?
Let me give my take on one very important benefit.
You can build a network of contacts with like minded people willing to share ideas and much more.
People you can call for advice.
People you can meet for coffee and a chat.
We work in an insular environment usually only meeting clients and helping them resolve their issues.
Networking allows you to “meet” others in the same situation and let’s face it, it is good to talk. Group support events help provide this.

Newly qualified hypnotherapists are required to attend four supervision sessions or peer support events annually during their first two years of practice.
Our supervision events are an excellent way to further build your confidence, skills and meet with fellow Hypnotherapists building a network of contacts.
My Supervision events align with the membership criteria of the General Hypnotherapy Register and the GHSc.
Attendance confirmation and receipts are issued by E Mail for the events.
These Supervision days are open to any qualified Hypnotherapists and as well as sharing information and ideas, you can receive advice and support on all things Hypnotic!
If you have a video you believe might be of interest please contact me to discuss sharing this.
Requests to present on a topic this must be agreed and content approved with me prior to the event date.

Participation fee is only £45.00  including a FREE 2 hour morning session.
Gestalt Demo will run from 10 am until noon.
Lunch Noon until 13.00 hours
Supervision 13.00 hours until 16.00 hours.
Please note that my material is only available to those in attendance.
If you miss the talk and demonstration you do not get the written material.

Please book as early as possible.
You have to book and pay to confirm your reservation.
Clicking attending on facebook is not a reservation.

Book and pay only with PayPal.

Past Presentations include:

  • Professional CD/MP3 recording
  • Social Media
  • Online marketing
  • Optimized websites & Video production
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Anchoring
  • Gestalt Therapy Techniques
  • Weight e.g. Reducing and removing food cravings and more…
  • Fast Phobia & Re-Wind Technique
  • Web Site Optimisation
  • NLP including Swish Pattern & Distance Swish & New Behaviour Techniques
  • Age Regression
  • Glove Anaesthesia
  • Esdaile Trance State
  • Past Life Regression
  • Abitas Recording Studio on making high quality professional recordings
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Understanding how to create your marketing package.Pt 1 March
  • Completing the marketing package. Pt 2 June
  • Negotiation between Parts (September)
  • Understanding and using Hash Tags and Instagram (Dec 2018)
  • Fast/Rapid/Shock inductions & Kinaesthetic deepeners. (Dec 2019)
  • Presentation from Dawn Rowley on various techniques. (June 2020)
  • Protocol for dealing with clients presenting suicidal thoughts (March 2021)
  • Gestalt Therapy Techniques (June 2021)


Up and coming Supervision days – choose and book the one most convenient for you