Pain Management Specialist Event

Join me for a great practical day learning how to help clients’ reduce/manage and or deal with pain.

The day involves

Live demonstrations of a selection of Pain Management/Control/Reduction techniques. The theoretical content will be included in the Pdf copy of my Training Manual which is E-mailed to you after the event.

You can all read and write so there is no need for me to talk through material you can read at your leisure. Our time will be used on demonstrating the practical uses of the various techniques.

We learn better by watching and doing, so time will be allowed for some practice. You will have the opportunity to practice (optional) on the day. Examples of suggested use provided for all techniques.
If we have no volunteers with pain the tools will still be demonstrated.
Subject to change without notice due to time constraints.

The day covers :- A selection of treatment demonstrations from those listed. (Time permitting)

  • Pain and the right to treat it? How to gain permission.
  • Control Panel. Live Demonstration.
  • Visualise the Pain technique. Live Demonstration.
  • Glove Anesthesia. Live Demonstration
  • Sub-Modality changes. [E.g. Phantom Limb]. Live Demonstration
  • Gestalt Therapy for Psychosomatic pain. Live Demonstration
  • Self-Healing. Utilise the power of your own mind. Live Demonstration.

Included in your manual will be the following support material…

  • Pain and what it can be? What is the pain telling us?
  • Different types of Pain: Acute, Chronic, Psychosomatic, Psychological?
  • Pain and the different Causals
  • Pain & Complimentary Methods
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Phantom Limb & Mirror Box Treatment
  • Primary & Secondary Gains & how they can be a barrier to clients’ goal
  • Inductions and level of trance to use & not to use
  • How to safely reduce pain
  • Pain Gate Theory
  • Client Consultation Form
  • Instant Analgesia
  • Magic Spot (Children)

And all the other techniques we cover on the day.

What you will also get:

  • A quality ring binder for your notes
  • Course material as hard copy hand-outs
  • A quality pen
  • A Pdf copy of my Hypnotherapist Pain Training Manual
  • Belief in the power of Hypnosis
  • The confidence & ability to help clients’ overcome pain
  • Refreshments
    Please note lunch is not provided
    This venue provides great food offers and there are shops next door.
    If you need to book accommodation or public transport wait until I confirm course is running before committing yourself to any extra cost
    if you are unable to attend, purchase my (39 A4 pages) Hypnotherapists Pain Manual in Pdf format for only £55.00
    A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques.
    Diplomas cost £20.00 including postage.
    Contact me for details as this is not automated.

The Award:Diploma in Pain Management

Forthcoming Pain Management Specialist Event

    There are not upcoming events of this type. Contact us for futher details and likely release dates.