Smoking Cessation Diploma


Smoking Cessation Diploma Event
Become a CERTIFIED Stop Smoking Specialist.
Including Stop Vaping.

  • Learn how I help people become Non-Smokers…not Ex Smokers!
  • Including Stop Vaping
  • In one single session.
  • I am not teaching granny to suck eggs.
  • There are many different methods and I am sharing my version and some options
  • Non-Smokers simply do not think about smoking nor have any desire to substitute the nicotine
  • That is because they are Non-Smokers.
  • They live in peace with smokers and don’t moan.

   Our Day Covers: –

  • Why do we market our services to smokers?
  • Market size = Our £s opportunity
  • £s Billions
  • What to say when you answer the telephone other than hello
  • What to say when potential clients ask “How much is it”?
  • What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Understand Price versus Value
  • Identify benefits of stopping
  • What is your success rate?
  • How to answer truthfully
  • Chemicals in tobacco
  • Links and Triggers
  • How you learned to smoke
  • Smokers beliefs
  • How to change your client’s belief so that quitting will be easy
  • Importance of your pre-talk
  • Safe Use of Aversion and Suggestive tools
  • Use EMDR to remove or reduce cravings (Demonstration)
  • Use EMDR for complete session (Talk through)
  • How to break smoking links and triggers
  • Amplify the PHS (Post Hypnotic Suggestion)
  • Negotiating with the Smoking Part
  • Future Progression as Non-Smoker
  • Direct/Indirect suggestions to help facilitate change
  • What to do if clients start smoking again
  • Full session demonstrated live (Volunteer required who must genuinely want to stop)

Our day involves: – Live demonstration of a full session (If there is no smoking volunteer, the techniques will be demonstrated on other issues).

What you will get: –

  • A copy of my Stop Smoking Session process order
  • A copy of my process to follow if they re-commence smoking
  • A copy of my Stop Vaping Session process order
  • Course ring binder and a pen
  • Full set of the days material
  • The confidence to charge what you are really worth
  • Understand price versus value
  • Post Course Support
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Lunch is not included

Your Award is:
A Diploma as a Smoking Cessation Specialist

Eligible for membership of the GHR Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists.

My E Version Hypnotherapists Stop Smoking Manual is available at only £55.00.

A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques.
Distance Learning Diplomas cost £23.00 including postage.

Forthcoming Smoking Cessation Event

    There are not upcoming events of this type. Contact us for futher details and likely release dates.