Hannah’s tremor

April 2012 was a terrible time for my daughter Hannah; she had a severe infection in her face which led to an awful swelling which got worse over the week. Hannah ended up in the Coventry University Hospital as the doctors thought the infection had gone to her brain. Whilst going to the hospital in the ambulance Hannah’s arms started to shake and as the evening went on it got worse. I first of all put it down to her being nervous and cold but it just continued. The doctors told my husband and I that Hannah had a tremor, which was brought on by her infection as her body had gone into shock. This tremor was like nothing we had seen before and it was very very disturbing and making Hannah distraught. Hannah was told that the infection was not in her brain and they gave her strong antibiotics by a drip which improved her face over the next couple of days, but still the tremor continued. The strange thing was it seemed to slow right down when she slept but once she was awake it started again. We worked out that her arms were doing 250 beats per minute. Thankfully just before she left hospital the tremor in her left arm slowed right down but her right arm was still very bad. This continued for the next six weeks poor Hannah was now beside herself and exhausted from the tremor. After scaring ourselves stupid on the Internet re tremors we just did not know what to do for the best. Hannah was called back to the hospital a couple of weeks later but still they did not understand why the tremor was still there. Whilst at work one day my brother spoke to me about hypnotherapy and suggested I contact a gentleman called John Dewar who just happened to be up the road from us.

I did not really understand anything about hypnotherapy and gave John a call and explained the situation regarding the tremor Hannah had. John explained that he could not promise anything but to bring Hannah along for a chat and see what could be done for her. Hannah and I went the next day to John’s house, he made Hannah and I very welcome and had a good chat with Hannah whilst I was in the room. Hannah and I are very close and she felt more comfortable with me being there, which John was totally alright with. John could see how distressed Hannah was and before we left he wanted to try a small amount of hypnotherapy with Hannah. I was fascinated and Hannah felt very at ease. John in the short time he did the treatment managed to slow the tremor in Hannah’s arm it was such a massive relief making both Hannah and I both cry with joy.

We came back the next day to see John and I believed whole-heartedly that John would stop the tremor. Again, John made us very welcome and at home, John allowed me with Hannah’s permission to stay in the room while he did the hypnotherapy, John was convinced it was Hannah’s sub conscious mind making her have this tremor. I was right John did stop Hannah’s tremor in two hours I cannot tell you how very relieved we were. My family and especially Hannah could not thank John enough for what he did, Hannah managed to get her life back on track because of this wonderful man we will always be so very grateful. Hannah did get the tremor back again when she was stressed, I called John straight away and he told me to bring her round so he could help her and yet again he managed to stop it. Thankfully Hannah has not had it back. I just want people to know that if this ever happens to them there is hope, we found this with John and I would highly recommend anyone to try hypnotherapy with this great guy.

Thank you again John for everything. Regards. Debbie