Emotion Solution Diploma

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Become a CERTIFIED Emotion Solution Specialist.
Due to the pandemic situation the numbers allowed on courses is severely limited.
For this reason prices have increased slightly.

Running despite Coronavirus.
PPE in place at hotel.

This is the event that will give you the edge over other Therapists.
Improve your skill set on helping clients.


Panic Attacks
and much more

  • How changing Sub-Modalities can help change clients lives.
  • TOTE system/process to measure change.
  • Treat Phobias using The Fast Phobia Technique.
  • Many clients often have no idea what is causing their problem.
  • Discover how to help them gain this realisation and then overcome their difficulty.
  • An effective Psychotherapy technique prior to Hypnosis.
  • Use Gestalt Therapy Techniques to e.g. help clients deal with the “Significant other” (Cause of problem).
  • Superb for bereavement closure.
  • Fears
  • Panic Attacks
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Uncover the message in recurring dreams utilising Gestalt Techniques.
  • Live demonstrations on different techniques.
  • Time limitations might reduce ability to demonstrate or practice both Gestalt techniques as each session takes as long as it takes the volunteer to complete.
  • Opportunity to practice.

The training fee includes:-

  • All of the above
  • Course material
  • Fully prescriptive process notes
  • Post course support
  • 4 Ring Binder
  • Pen
  • Refreshments provided only on arrival
  • Accredited Diploma as an Emotion Solution Specialist. (Dip.E.S.S.)

Please note lunch is not provided

Your award:
Diploma as an
Emotion Solution Specialist

Forthcoming Emotion Solution Event