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This is the event that will give you the edge over other Therapists.

Improve your skill set on helping clients.

E & O E
Family issues
Gag reflex
Night terrors
Panic attacks
and much more

  • Control Room. Decrease or increase emotions. 7 prescriptive scripted examples included, Anxiety, Anger, Confidence, Fear, Pain, Smoking and Weight. Imagine helping to reduce someones anger or increase someones confidence. “Someone” would be very happy.
  • Sub-Modality. Learn how to change these. Changing how we see, hear and feel a past memory works wonders and creates fantastic changes for your client or yourself. Use simple language to make incredible change. Hemingway kept it simple so no fancy jargon or long words that require a dictionary to be understood. This will blow your mind and give you a skill set to help many clients improve their lives.
  • The Fast Phobia Cure. Works great for many Phobias and also Fears. Can be used in conjunction with Control Room technique. I have used this where abuse has been the causal with amazing beneficial results. Life changing for my clients and with class volunteers. You are limited only by your own imagination. Don’t let a tool title limit you. Many therapeutic tools have multiple uses.
  • Complete The Sentence. A tool to elicit the “causal” and decide future action. An awesome tool for having client probe into their deeper self and perhaps surprise themselves. A unique approach to helping clients uncover something from their past. Their answers can help you decide your next step in the treatment plan.
  • Gestalt Therapy Superb for fear, guilt, addiction, bereavement closure and much more. My go to for bereavement closure. Talk to the “other” which might be Anger, Guilt, Fear, Addiction, Anxiety, Food, Parent, Brother, Sister,  Cigarette why do I like you? Drugs and the list goes on. Do you sometimes feel like a doormat? Find out how to change this and much more.
  • Gestalt Dream Work Uncover the message in recurring dreams. A recurring dream could be unfinished business and contain a message for the dreamer. My own was interesting. Not talking about nightmares or night terrors here, just what can be described as a pleasant dream but continues to repeat maybe a few times monthly or yearly. Volunteer and discover your message.
  • Live demonstrations on these different therapeutic intervention techniques
  • Time limitations might impact my ability to demonstrate or practice both Gestalt techniques as each session takes as long as it takes the group to complete each exercise.
  • Opportunity to practice.
  • Be seen as an Eminent Emotions Hypnotherapist

The training fee includes:-

  • All of the above
  • Course material
  • Fully prescriptive process notes
  • Post course support
  • 4 Ring Binder
  • C/W punched pockets
  • Branded pen
  • Refreshments provided on arrival
  • A Prestigious Diploma as an Emotion Solution Specialist.
  • Use formal letters after your name. Dip. E.S.S.
  • N.B. John or John Dewar School are not responsible for any costs incurred such as e.g. hotel bookings or travel expenses if a course is cancelled or postponed for any reason.

Your award:
Diploma as an
Emotion Solution Specialist

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