NLP Specialism Certificate

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Add some NLP Specialism Techniques to your kitbag.
This is the event that will give you the edge.
If you simply wish to refresh then this is also for you.

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Improve your skill set on helping clients.

E & O E
Headache-Night terrors
Pain-Panic attacks
and much more

  • Control Room. Decrease or increase emotions. 7 prescriptive scripted examples included, Anxiety, Anger, Confidence, Fear, Pain, Smoking and Weight. Imagine helping to reduce someones anger or increase someones confidence. “Someone” would be very happy.
  • Sub-Modality. Learn how to change these. Changing how we see, hear and feel a past memory works wonders and creates fantastic changes for your client or yourself. Use simple language to make incredible change. Hemingway kept it simple so no fancy jargon or long words that require a dictionary to be understood. This will blow your mind and give you a skill set to help many clients improve their lives.
  • New Behaviour Generator. A tool to help clients change the way they “Think Act and Behave” and decide how their future pans out. An awesome tool to help clients overcome an issue or memory from their past when maybe something went a bit wrong and is controlling current beliefs and thoughts.
  • New Belief Generator. Discover how to use this technique to overcome limiting beliefs. We have all been conditioned from childhood by parents, teachers, siblings, adverts in movies and television.
    We might have been told “No people like us cannot do that.” Or “it might go wrong and you will be embarrassed”. So it’s safer to not do anything challenging and risk what you’ve been told might happen because in your mind it is going to happen. We can help change this.
  • Self-Esteem a simple method to help clients overcome low self esteem. Fully prescriptive and easy to use.
  • Confidence switch set a switch to help improve self-esteem and or confidence. When added to other tools this is a great addition to boost clients positive thoughts and emotions.
  • Time limitations might impact my ability to demonstrate or practice both Gestalt techniques as each session takes as long as it takes the group to complete each exercise.
  • Opportunity to practice.
  • Be seen as an Eminent Hypnotherapist with NLP specialisms.
  • N.B. This is not certification as an NLP practitioner.

The training fee includes:-

  • All of the above
  • Course material
  • Fully prescriptive process notes
  • Post course support
  • 4 Ring Binder
  • C/W punched pockets
  • Branded pen
  • Refreshments provided on arrival
  • A certificate of completion on NLP Specialism Subjects.
  • N.B. John or John Dewar School are not responsible for any costs incurred such as e.g. hotel bookings or travel expenses if a course is cancelled or postponed for any reason.

Your award:
Certificate of Completion on NLP Specialisms

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