EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing)

Great article and vote from Royalty on the benefits of EMDR Therapy.
Prince Harry tells trauama therapist of his fears. Click link.


Recommended author on EMDR.
Click on link below.
Since completing his initial training with me Adrian has developed
and simplified EMDR and written best selling books on EMDR.

Join this exciting and stimulating event and learn this powerful break through  therapy for dealing with trauma (PTSD) and much more.

Approved by NICE in the UK for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have used EMDR with Hypnosis to help combat;
PTSD, Phobias, Fears, Guilt, Pain, Anxiety, Sadness, Survivor Guilt,
Self Esteem, Imposter Syndrome, Feelings of being Unworthy and much more.
Depending on our volunteers for demonstrations we will address some of these.

EMDR is being requested by more & more people as it gains recognition.
As a therapy, it fits well with Hypnosis and can be a rapid form of therapy.
In my opinion Hypnotherapists will benefit from learning EMDR with Hypnosis.

Those of you who have looked for training in EMDR will have found that it is
closely protected by a self-appointed organisation which only allow training
to people with formal mental health qualifications.

If your reason for learning this powerful therapy is to help people then join my course?

If you are looking for a certificate to just join a register, then this is not for you.

On the day we cover…
EMDR incorporating Hypnosis

  • The development and history of E.M.D.R.
  • The Adaptive Information Process (AIP)
  • The E.M.D.R. Procedures.
  • The E.M.D.R. Protocol
  • Preparing our client
  • Questions to ask
  • 8 stage process
  • The negative feeling called the SUD and how to test
  • The  replacement feeling called the VOC and how to test
  • What our clients need to complete between sessions
  • How to use Hypnosis with EMDR and the reasons for incorporating Hypnosis?
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Demonstration on [Food] [Drinks] Cravings
  • Demonstration on a Single Trauma
  • Presentation/Discussion on Multiple Trauma
  • Practical hands on exercises

The day involves learning together with live demonstrations.
Instead of spending the day talking through a manual or death by PowerPoint we will engage for most of our day (80%) on the practical uses of EMDR.
We learn quicker and easier by doing.

Group will practice on reducing a craving or desire, followed by Single trauma or Negative Emotion/Thoughts.
Involving the use of EMDR on cravings for Substance Abuse, Nicotine, Food and Alcohol, as examples.
Our learning experience consists of me explaining followed by live demonstrations, then you have the opportunity to practice in a supervised environment.
Think about how you learned to drive and I bet nobody spent hours with the driving instructor reading the Highway Code.
We got into the car and the instructor explained the pedals, mirrors etc. and we drove off and learned by doing.

What you will receive:-

  • A comprehensive 22 page E.M.D.R. manual
  • Full course notes
  • Client recording samples
  • Exercise examples
  • Live demonstrations
  • The opportunity to be a volunteer and experience EMDR
  • The opportunity to practise in a supervised environment
  • The confidence to treat a wider range of difficulties
  • A new valuable skill set
  • A 4 ring binder c/w Punched pockets
  • A quality branded pen
  • Post course support
  • You will experience and practise this powerful therapy several times
  • In one day you will learn EMDR with Hypnosis and know how to help clients
  • Refreshments only on arrival
  • Qualifies for 7 hours CPD

    Important information

  • This course has no connection with EMDR Europe or EMDRIA or EMDRUK. Attending this event does not make you eligible for membership of any EMDR association
  • EMDR like Hypnotherapy and other complimentary therapies is unregulated.
  • Please note lunch is not included.

N.B. No cancellations with refund after TBA

Your award is:
A Diploma
in EMDR incorporating Hypnosis.

Forthcoming EMDR Event

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