Client & Corporate Fees

My fees vary according to the time and day of the week so for clarity they are listed here.
If you would like to meet me and have a chat before deciding then a consultation of 30 minutes is available for a nominal sum of only £20.00. Contact me to arrange this.
For every session I request a Non Refundable deposit of £50.00 and if you are serious about obtaining treatment this will not be an issue. Let me explain the reason I introduced this element. People were making appointments and then changed their mind and did not attend. However they did not inform me, thus I lost that appointment slot and my income. This reduces my exposure and I do hope you understand my reason.

Fees: Mon – Fri from 10.00 until 16.30 £150.00 per session
Fees: Mon – Fri from 18.30 until 21.30 £175.00 per session
Fees: Saturday from 10.00 until 16.30 £200.00 per session
Fees for my Stop Smoking session are £350.00 any time
Sunday there are no appointments available.

Corporate Sessions/Classes
e.g. Stress Awareness 1/2 day 10.00 13.00. Your venue £500.00 Max 10 employees
e.g. Weight Control Groups 2 hours.Your venue £350.00. Max 10 employees
e.g. Relaxation and Hypnotic Massage 2 hours.Your venue  £350.00. Max 10 employees
External venues add cost plus 15% or you book and pay.
Corporate events require pre-payment.
Events can be tailored to your requirements. No obligation meetings arranged.

The individual client payment system works on this process. I reserve provisionally your time and then send you an electronic invoice for your non-refundable deposit which I request is paid within 24 hours. Once payment is received I will confirm your appointment by e mail or telephone. I ask you to bring the balance with you in cash. Subsequent appointments follow the same process, although you may, if you wish bring the next session deposit with you.
If I cancel the appointment your money will be refunded in full or transferred if we are re-scheduling.

I make you this promise and that is; I will do my very best to treat you for your issue using all my experience and knowledge to help you resolve this in as short a time as possible.
My fees reflect my experience and my knowledge and my compassion.

Now we have got all this out of the way, pick up the phone and call me in the day or evening. I look forward to hearing from you.


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