Hypnotherapists Training Manuals

I understand that not everybody can or wants to attend specialist courses. You have previously invested and completed your practitioner training so you can learn from reading this specialist material in the comfort of your own home or office.
To this end I developed my own distance learning manuals and these are available in Pdf format only.
I do rely on you having the requisite skill set to use the processes and techniques which are written in a detailed prescriptive order.
You can read a copy of the exact content in each manual by below .
The manuals require an investment of only £55.00 each for the therapist volumes and only £19.99 for the Inductions and Deepeners.
Saving you time and £s on courses, travel & accommodation.
Each manual is specific to its’ subject and is not generic.
Correspondence learning Diplomas are available on submission of two case studies where some of the techniques have been used. One side A4 is succinct enough.
These diplomas are unique and stamped with the company seal. They cost only £23.00 each including postage.
Purchasing the manuals is easy, send an E Mail to me at jdewar@me.com with your order and I will send an invoice. Once paid your manual(s) in Pdf format will be Emailed.

Here is my latest Pdf Hypnotherapist workbook.
Phobia specialist
Here is the content menu.
A Phobia explanation.
Fear versus Phobia explained.
Abreaction and how to resolve quickly.
Safe place set up.
Ideo-Motor signals set up.
Fast Phobia step by step process. What to say and do etc.
A rewind process for phobic younger techy clients.
A Fast Phobia tool for teenagers.
Complex Phobia suggestions on how to resolve.
Calm anchor set up.
Count back.
A certified Hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner will follow the process easily.
Written in an easy to follow way.
No need to travel to a course. No need to attend a course.
A printed copy can be posted for an additional £10.00.
A Diploma is available at £23.00 including posted after submission of 2 case studies where you have used this method to help clients.

This is my next newest Pdf Hypnotherapists Workbook.
Working with Submodalities.
Here is the content,
Examples of client issues. Suitable for Fear, Anger,Guilt,Sad,Phobias,Worry,Gag, Anxiety and much more. Anything where the client can remember the cause or a vivid memory or a time they felt their “issue”.
Content of workbook.
Outline on working with Sub Modalities
Tips for eliciting Sub Modalities
Tips for eliciting Sub Modalities continued and Tonality
12 step Process for changing Sub Modalities
Break State explained
Calibration explained
SUD scale explained
TOTE system explained
TOTE system example questions to ask
Questions to ask during client therapy session
Change elicitation work sheet for client therapy work
Concluding client session
A certified Hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner should follow the process easily.
Written in an easy to follow way.
No need to travel to a course. no need to attend a course.
A printed copy can be posted for an additional £10.00.
A Diploma is available at £23.00 including posted after submission of 2 case studies where you have used this method to help clients.

Here is a list of my training manuals;
Alcohol Management.
Age Regression.
Inductions and Deepeners.
Pain Control.
Parts Therapy.
Stress Management for individual clients.
Smoking. Stop in a single session.
Weight Management including Banding & Group Sessions.
Unexplained Infertility.
Also available to purchase is a Powerpoint Presentation for running Stress awareness groups or workshops. Included is a suggested what to say slide by slide and a corporate game to play with step by step instructions.
No need to spend hours and or days writing your own.
Mine is simple plug in, change my name to yours and play. £65.00

Below are copies of the content in the manuals.
Alcohol Control
Age Regression
Pain Management
Parts Therapy
Stop Smoking in one session
Stress for individual clients
Unexplained Infertility
Weight Management

Alcohol Control Manual 46 A4 pages.
Key Information
Alcohol Misuse information
Alcohol Risk Information
Alcohol Dependency Information
Alcohol Self Knowledge Test
Alcohol Myth Busters
Alcohol Calories Information
Alcohol Reduction Tip
Alcohol Client Diary
Alcohol Binge Drinking Information
Alcohol and Children. The Law
Alcohol Additional Information
Prescriptive Alcohol Client Session (Guide)
Prescriptive Metaphor for Aversion
Prescriptive Re-Frame Alcohol Template. Step by step
Prescriptive Parts Therapy (Using IMRs) Template.Step by step
Prescriptive Age Regression (Guide) Template. Step by step
Prescriptive The Swish Pattern. Step by step
Prescriptive New Behaviour (Guide) Template. Step by step
Prescriptive Process using Anchors for Aversion Template.Step by step
Prescriptive Amplify Post Hypnotic Template. (PHS)

Age Regression 21 A4 pages
Keys to Abbreviations
Client Explanation
Ab-Reactions and how to deal with them
Setting Client Safe Place
Setting IMR Ideo Motor Response
Regression Sample Process Exercise
Assimilation and Integration
Dealing with “Resistance”. Example included
Understand Primary versus Secondary Gain
Induction Relaxed Body & Mind
Induction Tranquil Peace
Deepener Escalator

Inductions and Deepeners 29 A4 pages
Induction Tranquil Peace
Induction Relaxed Body & Mind
Induction numbers 1-20
Induction Arm Levitation
Induction Bridge of Nose
Induction Hand to Eye
Induction Magnets on Hands
Induction Hand on Hand
Induction Surprise Catalytic
Induction Direct Gaze
Induction Surprise Handshake
Induction Rigid Arm
Induction Rigid Finger
Induction Coin Drop
Induction Eight Word
Induction Three Word
Deepener Heavy Arm
Deepener Neck and Forehead
Deepener Escalator
Test for Suggestibility Water Bucket
Test Suggestibility Hand Glued
Test for Hypnotic Somnambulism

Pain control Manual 39 A4 pages
Pain and what it could be
Acute, Chronic, Psychosomatic & Psychological
Pain Causals
Complimentary Alternatives
Pain Gate Control
Phantom Pain Information
Communicating with Psychosomatic Pain
Obtaining Permission from the Sub-conscious
Therapy Visualising the Pain
Therapy Self Healing using your own mind
Therapy Pain Scale
Therapy Instant Analgesia for children
Therapy Control Panel
Therapy Glove Anaesthesia
Therapy Gestalt for Psychosomatic Pain
Therapy Sub-Modality Explanation
Therapy Sub-Modalities. What are they? VAKOG
Therapy Sub-Modality Elicitation Tips
Therapy Sub-Modality Process Order
Therapy Sub-Modality Questions to ask client
Therapy Sub-Modality Comparison Tool
Therapy Client Consultation Form
Induction Tranquil Peace
Deepener Escalator

Parts Therapy Manual. 37 A4 pages.
Outline of what Parts Therapy is
Working with Parts
Client Centred Therapy
When & with Whom to use Parts
Client Preparation for Parts work
Ideo Motor Response. 
Creating a Safe Place
Hypnotherapist preparing yourself
IMR Setting up
Determine Trance Level & How to do so
Parts Therapy Open Questions Example
Primary Vs Secondary Gain
Development of my Parts Knowledge
Negotiation between Parts Example
Involving the Creative Part Process
Parts Therapy Process. 12 Steps
What to do when the problem returns

Stop Smoking manual content. 29 A4 pages.
Smoking statistics
Dealing with telephone enquiry
Answer the question; What is your success rate?
Commencing the session
Changing smokers belief
Question Addiction or Habit?
How you learned to smoke
Links to smoking
Smokers triggers
Smokers reasons not to stop
Session running order (Guide only)
How to re-do a session
Script for aversion therapy
Prescriptive Re-frame
Prescriptive Swish for change
Scripted metaphor
Setting Calm anchor
Scripted post hypnotic suggestion
Induction Relaxed Body
Deepener Escalator
Stop Vaping
Sample adverts

Stress manual for individual client sessions. 52 pages A4.
Stress explained
Warning to employers
Client session running order (A Guide)
Stress test
Pareto Rule
Weight of burden (Scripted)
How do you talk to yourself?
Client goal setting
Practice makes perfect
Scripted controlling your stress
Poster for your room
Autonomic nervous system information
Stress coping strategies
Prescriptive changing clients belief(s)
Changing clients’ behaviour. Prescriptive technique
Prescriptive Parts Therapy Template (Step by step)
Prescriptive Reframe (Step by step)
Prescriptive Swish on behaviour (Step by step)
Prescriptive Anchor Template (Step by step)
Prescriptive Amplify Post Hypnotic suggestion
Prescriptive Teach Self Hypnosis (Step by step)
Ten Step guide for beating Stress
Dewarisms to use as Stress Busters

Unexplained Infertility manual 52 A4 pages
Introduction to Manual
Explanation of Possible Causes of Infertility
Explanation of Possible Causes for Females
Explanation of possible causes for Males
My own explanation. Much shorter version
Questions to ask client. Template only
Client agreement. Template.
Therapy tool.Finish Sentence bespoke to Infertility
Therapy tool. Changing Clients Beliefs
Changing Clients Behaviour
Age Regression Example
Parts Therapy Example
Self Healing on tubes
Self Hypnosis Example
Session Running Order. Template.
Session Order additional suggestions
Stress Buster Ideas
Calm Breathing Exercise
Script I do Deserve this
Script Improve Fertility
Induction Relaxed Body and Mind
Induction to Hypnotic Somnambulism
Deepener Escalator

Weight Management Manual. 45 A4 Pages.  
Handling the Telephone enquiry
Session process for obtaining clients information
Prescriptive Why diets fail
4 Session suggested running order
How to reduce/remove cravings
Induction scripted
Deepener scripted
Aversion metaphor
Weight metaphor
6 Step Re-Frame prescriptive
Parts Therapy prescriptive Example (Easy to follow)
Utilising Creative Part Prescriptive
New Behaviour Template
Swish Pattern Prescriptive (Easy to follow)
Shrink Clients Stomach (Touching method) prescriptive
Shrink Clients Stomach (No touching method)
Aversion using a conveyor belt metaphor
Imaginary Gastric Band information for therapist
Imaginary Gastric Band Scene Setting
Imaginary Gastric Band Operation Template
Imaginary Gastric Band Adjustment
How to Amplify the PHS (Post Hypnotic Suggestion)
Metaphor “Movie in your mind”
Metaphor “Slimmer Dreamtime”
Group Induction
Group Sessions Template

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