Distance Learning Resources

I understand that not everybody can or wants to attend specialist courses. You have previously invested and completed your practitioner training so you can learn from reading this specialist material in the comfort of your own home or office.
To this end I developed my own distance learning manuals and these are available in Pdf format only.
I do rely on you having the requisite skill set to use the processes and techniques which are written in a detailed prescriptive order.
You can obtain a copy of the exact content in each manual by e mailing  a request for the index of the manual(s) you are interested in purchasing. There will be no follow up or sales pitch from me if you do not place an order.

The manuals require an investment of only £55.00 each for the therapy volumes and only £19.99 for the Rapid Inductions/Deepeners.
Saving you time and £s on courses, travel & accommodation.
Each manual is specific to its’ subject and is not generic.
Diplomas are available on submission of two case studies where some of the techniques have been used.
These diplomas are unique and stamped with the company seal. They cost only £20.00 each including postage.
Purchasing the manuals is easy, send an E Mail to me at jdewar@me.com with your order and I will send a PayPal invoice after that is paid your Pdf file will be mailed. Alternatively a BACS transfer is possible.

Here is a list of my training manuals;
Alcohol Management.
Age Regression.
Pain Control.
Parts Therapy.
Stress Management for individual clients.
Smoking. Stop in a single session.
Weight Management including Banding & Group Sessions.
Unexplained Infertility.
Rapid Inductions & Deepeners.
Also available to purchase is a Powerpoint Presentation for running Stress awareness groups or workshops. No need to spend hours and or days writing your own. Mine is simple plug in, change my name to yours and play. £55.00

Below is an example of content, showing what is included in the Weight Manual.

45 A4 Pages. 16927 Words. Dedicated specifically to Weight Management.
Handling the Telephone enquiry
Session process for obtaining clients information
Prescriptive Why diets fail
4 Session suggested running order
How to reduce/remove cravings
Induction scripted
Deepener scripted
Aversion metaphor
Weight metaphor
6 Step Re-Frame prescriptive
Parts Therapy prescriptive Example (Easy to follow)
Utilising Creative Part Prescriptive
New Behaviour Template
Swish Pattern Prescriptive (Easy to follow)
Shrink Clients Stomach (Touching method) prescriptive
Shrink Clients Stomach (No touching method)
Aversion using a conveyor belt metaphor
Imaginary Gastric Band information for therapist
Imaginary Gastric Band Scene Setting
Imaginary Gastric Band Operation Template
Imaginary Gastric Band Adjustment
How to Amplify the PHS (Post Hypnotic Suggestion)
Metaphor “Movie in your mind”
Metaphor “Slimmer Dreamtime”
Group Induction
Group Sessions Template

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  • Ian james

    Hi John how do we purchase distance learning manuals thank you Ian

    17 March 2018, 12:16 permalink
  • Nataliya

    I would like to purchase Stop Smoking session online,
    Thank you.

    7 November 2018, 00:34 permalink
    • johndewar2358

      Hi Nataliya.
      I have just found your message in my comments box (I seldom look here).
      Do you still wish to purchase the Smoking training manual?
      Please reply using e mail not on here.jdewar@me.com
      Best wishes John

      12 November 2018, 14:04 permalink