Age Regression

Join me for a great day and allow me to share with you how I regress clients safely to their ISE (Initial Sensitising Event) and make the necessary changes to improve their lives.

The training day covers…

  • How to understand the Abbreviations
  • Understand Primary & Secondary Gains
  • Understand the uses of Age Regression
  • How to Regress clients safely and effectively
  • Uncover the Causal & resolve the internal conflict
  • How to recognise and deal efficiently with abreactions
  • Using Gestalt techniques to help the IC (Inner child)
  • Talking to the CA (Current Adult)
  • How to spot the client’s Non Verbal signs
  • How and when to use Future Pacing
  • Future Pacing
  • Integrate and associate your client back to the present
  • What to do when client says, nothing is happening or nothing is there
  • Use my effective induction and deepener directly to Somnambulism
  • The six main questions you must know and ask
  • Regression 17 point process template
  • Watch live demonstrations and practise with fellow delegates.

The day involves – All of the above!

Live demonstration (No DVD or videos) of my methods (Volunteers required).
The opportunity to practise one on one with fellow course members.

What you will get

  • A course 4 ring binder
  • A quality pen
  • Course hand outs
  • Process Checklist template
  • Post course support
  • The confidence & ability to use Regression techniques.
  • A full day with John doing all the training and demonstrations
  • A Pdf copy of my Regression Training Manual
  • Refreshments
  • Please note lunch is not provided.
    This venue has great offers on food and there are shops virtually next door.
    If you cannot attend then purchase my distance learning Pdf Hypnotherapists Training Manual for £55.00.
    A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques. Distance learning Diplomas cost £20.00 including postage.

The Award:
Diploma in Age Regression