Quick Rapid & Instant Inductions & Deepeners

Join me for a practical learning & fun workshop



You will have the WOW factor after this exhilarating event!

Learn some quick inductions and deepeners that will save your voice and your time. I will show you how to induce Hypnosis quickly, easily and comfortably.
Create Hypnotic Amnesia.

Practice some entertainment ideas if we have willing volunteers.

If you cannot attend the event, then consider purchasing my Inductions and Deepener Manual at a special offer price of only £19.99 for a limited period.

Examples are

  • 8 Word Induction
  • 3 Word Induction
  • Magnets Induction
  • Eye Induction
  • Levitation Induction
  • Bridge of Nose Induction
  • Rapid Deepeners so quick your clients will love them
  • Three Points Deepener
  • Catylitic Arm Deepener
  • Create Hypnotic Amnesia
  • Simple process words
  • and much more including some entertainment demonstrations.

Impress your client so much,they tell others.
Test depth of trance covertly and overtly.
When and how to use convincers.
Learn some amazing Impact inductions.
Alternatives to imaginary staircases.
Alternatives to PMR.
Stage or party stuff and more

You will receive your
Validated: Advanced Hypnotic Inductions Certificate

Teas & coffees on arrival. Lunch is included and it is your choice from a menu.

Forthcoming Rapid Induction Event