Parts Therapy Diploma

Now part of a 3 day Specialist practitioner event 6 – 8 September.
Single day fee will be £165.00.
Save £100.00 by attending 3 days.
Details on my FaceBook group page.

If you already know something about Parts Therapy, you can benefit from increasing your knowledge and skill set.
If you have never used Parts Therapy then you will learn a very powerful therapeutic method of helping clients improve their lives.

Is it client centered or therapist driven, come and learn.

  • Know how to use Parts Therapy and with which clients
  • Discover how to prepare yourself
  • Preparing your client
  • Client explanation
  • Use the 6 Ps
  • Understand how to question the Part
  • How to respond and Re-frame
  • Increase your knowledge on primary gain versus secondary gain
  • Understand the Parts session(s) process order
  • 12 step process for Parts therapy
  • Watch live demonstrations
  • Volunteers requested
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Primary gains
  • Secondary gains and how to deal with them
  • Know what do you do if the problem returns

Come and discover how to help clients on…

  • Weight
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Abuse
  • Anger
  • IBS
  • Depression
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Psycho Sexual problems
  • And much more.

What you will receive:

  • You will receive comprehensive Parts Therapy Material
  • Fully prescriptive session template
  • 12 step process order
  • Live demonstration of Silent Negotiation Method
  • Live demonstration of Verbal Negotiation
  • 4 ring binder
  • Top quality pen
  • Refreshments on arrival
                                        Lunch is not included
    If you need to book accommodation or public transport wait
    until I confirm course is running before committing yourself to any extra cost.

The Award: Diploma in Parts Therapy

Forthcoming Parts Therapy Event