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Hypnotherapist 2 Day
Advanced Change Specialist Diploma. 
Alternatively a refresher course for those already acquainted with the techniques.
14 CPD hours or points.
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14 & 15 September

Come and refresh some tools to your “Therapeutic Toolbox”

John is known by many across the UK and Europe
as a top hands-on practical trainer.

John walks the walk!
In a classroom with the trainer physically present

Course fee is only £299.99 pp.

This Refresher event is for those who are already certified
Perhaps you had a break from treating clients
Perhaps circumstances prevented you from getting started
Sometimes life gets in the way
You may have a few gaps in your knowledge
You learn best by watching demonstrations and hands on practice
Maybe a refresher event is just what you need
I have chosen a selection of techniques, which I believe will
be beneficial in assisting you in refreshing your skills.
We proceed at a rate of speed to suit our group
How much we cover depends on the group
I don’t have any wasteful time fillers; you all know what I mean
I explain then demo then you do the same

All written material is clear concise easy to follow step by step by step

Many live demonstrations
Examples of what we will be selecting from during your two days:
Day 1
SUD Scale
Control Room x 7 typed examples
Decrease or increase emotions.
7 prescriptive scripted examples included,
Anxiety, Anger, Confidence, Fear, Pain, Smoking and Weight.
Imagine helping to reduce “someones” anger or increase “someones” confidence.
“Someone” would be very happy indeed.
Live demonstration x 1
Understanding Phobias
Resolving Phobias
Live demonstration of Fast Phobia
Works great for many Phobias and also Fears.
Can be used in conjunction with Control Room technique.
I have used this where abuse has been the causal with amazing beneficial results.
Life changing for my clients and with class volunteers.
You are limited only by your own imagination.
Don’t let a tool title limit you.
Many therapeutic tools have multiple uses.
Swish pattern
Live demonstration
New Behaviour Generator 
Live demonstration
Day 2
Parts Therapy information
6 Step Reframe
Live demonstration
Negotiation between parts (My method)
Live demonstration
Changing Sub-Modalities
Learn how to change these.
Changing how we see, hear and feel a past memory.
Works wonders and creates fantastic changes for your client or yourself.
Use simple language to make incredible change.
Hemingway kept it simple so no fancy jargon or long words that require a dictionary to be understood. This will blow your mind and give you a skill set to help many clients improve their lives.
Step-by-Step Complete session Process
Live demonstration
All client recording material included
Gestalt Therapy
Discussion with the significant other/issue
Superb for fear, guilt, addiction, bereavement closure and much more.
My go to for bereavement closure.
Talk to the “other” which might be Anger, Guilt, Fear, Addiction, Anxiety, Food, Parent, Brother, Sister,  Cigarette why do I like you?
Drugs and the list goes on.
Do you sometimes feel like a doormat?
Find out how to change these and much more.
Live demonstrations.
We close with a Mental Massage session.
Experience the best feeling of complete relaxation

Remember this is our list to choose from. All subject to time permitting
I can only go as fast as the group
All subject to change without notice
Refreshments on arrival. Note lunch is not included.
Do not book travel or accommodation until I confirm in writing the event will run.
John or the school are not responsible for any costs if the course is cancelled for any reason.

John walks the walk!

Your award is a Diploma as an Advanced Change Specialist Therapist
This cannot be booked on-line. Contact me to reserve a place.
Venue is
The Holiday Inn, Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park
Leamington Spa. Warwickshire. CV34 6RJ
Telephone 01926 331517