Public Speaking

Download to a desk top PC. Some mobile devices screw up the download.

Been here, got the T-shirt.

Mind numbing fear.

Gripped by panic.

Tight throat.

Looking for a toilet.

Looking for an excuse.

And that is just at the thought of being asked to do a speech or a presentation.

Not anymore, I love speaking in public or to groups it is great fun.

It could be the same for you.

Let me guide you out of the “FEAR” zone into the “LOVE it” zone.

Buy my recording and sit back, close your eyes and let me do the work.

Listen to me daily for one week and then again one day before you make your excellent presentation or speech.

You must only listen to this recording when it is safe to do so.

Sit in a comfortable chair or sofa or lie on your bed.

You must not drive any vehicle or operate machinery or do anything where you need conscious awareness.

This is a fully Hypnotic recording and your eyes will close.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you change.