Self Hypnosis

Download to a desk top PC. Some mobile devices screw up the download.

Whatever your difficulty in life is you can make huge improvements to how you feel act and believe by practicing Self Hypnosis.

Change the way you think, act and believe with some help from me.

This recording just might help you to let go of whatever is troubling you!

This recording just might help you deal with negative issues in your life.
Let it!

Give yourself permission to enjoy a very beneficial experience.

Grab some me-time.

You are worth it.

You are valuable.

You must only listen to this recording when it is safe to do so.

Sit in a comfortable chair or sofa or lie on your bed.

You must not drive any vehicle or operate machinery or do anything where you need conscious awareness.
This is a fully Hypnotic recording and your eyes will close.

Just sit back and listen to me!

Listen to me every day until you improve your life.

Some gentle music and my Scottish accent.