Free from Smoking

Download to a desk top PC. Some mobile devices screw up the download.

Get serious about stopping smoking.

A generic recording and just might make a difference.

No guarantees but you will be making a start.

If you want to stop and are serious then this might make it easy for you.
You do need to listen to me often.

In the 21st century smoking will still kill you.

Smoking has a hard impact on your finances.

There are only two types of people who smoke.
The poor or the stupid. Hope you laugh when you read this line.

Imagine changing your car for a new model every 4 years and paying CASH!
(Based on smoking 20 daily at £9.50 per packet).

Then your health!

Stop telling yourself it is your health and think about others who would be impacted by your death from smoking.

SMOKING KILLS no doubt about it!

Make a start and purchase my recording and it could make a huge difference to you and your life.

In the 21st century smoking still kills!

My download recording costs less than one packet of poisonous white sticks.

You must only listen to this recording when it is safe to do so.

Sit in a comfortable chair or sofa or lie on your bed.

You must not drive any vehicle or operate machinery or do anything where you need conscious awareness.

This is a fully Hypnotic recording and your eyes will close.

Listen to me twice daily for 4 weeks.