Fight Cancer/Dis-Ease

Download to a desk top PC. Some mobile devices screw up the download.

I am not making any claims here other than my recording might just help you through a difficult period in your life.

Listen to my soothing music and allow my voice in my Scottish accent to filter deep into your sub-conscious mind.

Give yourself permission to simply let go and relax.

Go with the flow, go deeper and deeper and feel the benefit.

We can all resist but that is not why we are here.

Allow yourself some free time and look after YOU!

So chill and listen to my voice.

Learn to live at peace with your Dis-Ease.

You must only listen to this recording when it is safe to do so.

Sit in a comfortable chair or sofa or lie on your bed.

You must not drive any vehicle or operate machinery or do anything where you need conscious awareness.

This is a fully Hypnotic recording and your eyes will close.

Listen to me twice daily for 4 weeks.

Listen to me as often as possible.