Weight Reduction Specialist Diploma

Weight Control
Hypnotherapist Specialist Diploma Event
A fantastic event sharing how I treat clients for Weight Issues
And how to increase your own revenue

Our day covers: –

  • Comprehensive condensed marketing session
  • How to sell your expertise over the phone
  • How to make your telephone ring regularly
  • Understand the difference between price and value
  • How to overcome cravings
  • How to stop clients eating certain foods
  • Develop your skills using Aversion Techniques
  • Develop your skills using Suggestive Therapy
  • The reason Diets fail and Hypnosis works
  • Parts Therapy and Re-Framing Parts
  • Negotiate with the “Eating Part”
  • Using the Conveyer Belt
  • Start Client’s Exercising during Sleep
  • Amplifying the Post Hypnotic Suggestion (PHS)
  • Shrinking Clients Stomach
  • Learn my fantastic Imaginary Hypnotic ‘Gastric’ Band & Adjusting methods
  • Discover how to run group sessions
  • Gain group rapport in seconds

Our day involves: –

  • Live demonstrations
  • Craving Busters
  • Food Busters
  • Drinks Busters
  • Changing Client Behaviour
  • Uncovering the Causal
  • Negotiate with the Part
  • Future Progression

What you will get: –

  • A comprehensive 4 session running order for Weight & Banding
  • Sound effects of theatre porter. Sent by E Transfer after event.
  • Pdf copy of my Weight Training Manual
  • Material during class.
  • A prepared format for Hypnotic Gastric Banding
  • Template for your own Group sessions, including all required material
  • A course 4 ring binder
  • A quality pen
  • A new understanding
  • The confidence to charge what you are really worth
  • Refreshments
  • Please note lunch is not provided.

This venue offers great deals on food and there are sandwich shops next door.

Alternatively if you cannot attend in person, consider purchasing my 45 page fantastic E Manual in Pdf format for only £55.00. A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques. Diplomas cost £20.00 including postage.
Copy of the content is available prior to purchase. This is not automated so you need to contact me as a human has to arrange the transfer.

If you need to book accommodation or public transport wait until I confirm course is running before committing yourself to any extra cost

                                                   Your award:
                                         Diploma as a Weight Specialist

    There are not upcoming events of this type. Contact us for futher details and likely release dates.