Weight Reduction Specialist Diploma

Join this fantastic, popular and advanced class and discover how you can help people achieve their ideal weight…Alternatively if you cannot attend in person, consider purchasing my 45 page fantastic E Manual in Pdf format for only £55.00. A Diploma can be awarded on submission of two case studies using some of the techniques. Diplomas cost £20.00 including postage.
Copy of the content is available prior to purchase. This is not automated so you need to contact me as a human has to arrange the transfer.

  • Learn how to sell your expertise over the phone and discover how to charge what you are really worth, not what you think clients can afford. Price versus value.
  • Watch and learn how to overcome cravings, how to stop clients eating some foods completely.
  • Develop your skills on aversion and suggestive Therapy as well as dealing with the causal.
  • Experience my stomach shrinking technique; discover how easy it is to install a Hypnotic Stomach Band (Gastric Band Technique).

Included on this class is a copy of a client agreement and a full prescriptive operating procedure and future adjusting of the band, again fully prescriptive. (Journey from ward to operating theatre with the porter sound effects plus a suggested weight 4 session sequence including when to start the banding procedure.)

Learn my conveyor belt method to compound the result.
Discover how to help clients shrink their own stomach.
Listen to Post Hypnotic Suggestions being applied.
Watch John helping clients (Volunteer) uncover the cause of their weight issue.
And then make the required changes, often completed without the client speaking.

Working with groups is fun and easy so come and learn how to do this.
The complete guide to running groups from start to finish.
Learn how to get clients to exercise during sleep and much more.

The fee includes refreshments on arrival & lunch.
And there’s more…The fee includes all your course notes, sound effects (Royalty & Copyright Free) and a free copy of my Pdf Weight Training Manual to be mailed after event.
You also benefit from a top quality 4 ring binder, a top end pen and high quality material and excellent training demonstrations.
Oh nearly forgot the chocolates :-), on a weight class, I know but they are nice.

If you need to book accommodation or public transport wait until I confirm course is running before committing yourself to any extra cost

                                                   Your award will be a
                                         Diploma as a Weight Specialist