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 Hypnotherapy 4-Day Refresher/Specialist Event

Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th February

This Refresher/Specialist event is for those who are already certified.

I have chosen 4 important subjects that I believe will be beneficial.

The course is open to all. Those who may want to concentrate on some specialist areas or those who do wish to refresh and return to the profession.

Individual event days available at £150.00 per event.

Day 1 is Emotions Solution

This single event will give you the edge over other Therapists.
Improve your skill set on helping clients.

Panic Attacks
and much more

  • How changing Sub-Modalities can help change clients lives.
  • TOTE system/process to measure change.
  • Treat Phobias using The Fast Phobia Technique.
  • Many clients often have no idea what is causing their problem, discover how to help them gain this realisation and then overcome their difficulty.
    An effective Psychotherapy technique prior to Hypnosis.
  • Use Gestalt Therapy Techniques to e.g. help clients deal with the “Significant other” (Cause of problem). Superb for bereavement closure.
  • Uncover the message in recurring dreams utilising Gestalt Techniques.
  • Live demonstrations on different techniques.
  • Time limitations might reduce ability to demonstrate or practice both Gestalt techniques as each session takes as long as it takes the volunteer to complete.
  • Opportunity to practice.
  • Course material
  • Fully prescriptive process notes
  • 4 Ring Binder
  • Pen
  • Refreshments and Lunch
    Your award: A Diploma as an Emotion Solution Specialist. (Dip.E.S.S.)

Day 2 is Parts Therapy

I believe this is a must for all Hypnotherapists tool kit. If you already know something about Parts Therapy, you will benefit from increasing your knowledge and skill set. If you have never used Parts Therapy then you will learn a very powerful therapeutic method of helping clients improve their lives.

Our Day Covers: –

  • What is Parts Therapy
  • Client Centred Vs. Therapist Opinion
  • Inner child conflict
  • Silent therapy
  • When to use Parts Therapy
  • Preparing the client and yourself
  • 6 Ps plan
  • Negotiate or Arbitrate
  • Using IMRs
  • Respecting the emerging part(s)
  • Questioning methods and Re-framing
  • Concluding agreement with the part(s)
  • Primary gains versus Secondary gains
  • The process
  • What to do if the issue returns

Our day includes: -Presentation, discussion and several live practical demonstrations and the opportunity to practise in a safe environment.
Most of our day will be spent watching demonstrations and having a go.

What you will get: –

  • 4 Ring binder
  • Quality pen
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Lunch
  • An E copy of my Parts Therapy Training Manual
  • And the knowledge and confidence to help clients with problems such as but not limited to:
  • Smoking…
  • Weight and or eating issues…
  • Alcohol Abuse…
  • Anger…
  • IBS…
  • Depression…
  • Infertility…
  • Psycho Sexual problems and much more.
  • The confidence to charge what you are really worth.
    Your award: A Diploma in Parts Therapy

Day 3 is Stop smoking in one session

Join my fantastic Stop Smoking Master Class and learn how I help people become Non-Smokers in one session…not Ex Smokers! In one session only.

  • Non-Smokers simply do not even think about smoking nor have any desire to substitute food or alcohol in place of nicotine
  • That is because they are Non-Smokers
  • They live in peace with smokers and do not spend time moaning about those who do smoke

The Day Covers

  • How to attract clients using Push & Pull marketing techniques
  • What to say when you answer the telephone other than, hello
  • Identify benefits of stopping & use direct suggestions to facilitate change
  • How to make your telephone ring often and regularly
  • What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Market size = Our £s opportunity
  • Understand Price versus Value
  • What is your success rate? How to answer
  • How to change your client’s belief so that quitting will be easy
  • Safe Use of Aversion and Suggestive tools and cravings removal
  • How to break smoking links and triggers
  • Amplify the PHS (Post Hypnotic Suggestion)
  • What to do if clients start smoking again
  • Full session demonstrated live (Volunteer Required)

Your award: A Diploma as a Smoking Cessation Specialist

Day 4 is EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

Learn this powerful breakthrough therapy for dealing with Trauma. EMDR can be used for much more than just PTSD (trauma), I have successfully used EMDR on Phobias, Fears, Guilt and more.

Our day covers: –

  • The development of E.M.D.R.
  • E.M.D.R. Procedure
  • Preparing our client
  • Working with our clients.
  • The questions to ask
  • Accelerated Information Process
  • 8 stage process
  • Presenting Cognition SUD
  • Replacement Cognition VOC
  • The use and benefits of Hypnosis combined with E.M.D.R.

Our day involves: –

  • Learning all of the above
  • Live demonstrations on cravings
  • Live demonstration on a Single Trauma with a volunteer
  • Live demonstration on Multiple Trauma with a volunteer
  • One on one practise using E.M.D.R. incorporating hypnosis
  • Combining E.M.D.R. with Hypnosis and reason for doing so
  • Use of EMDR in a Stop Smoking Session

What you will receive: –

  • A 22 page course manual
  • Full course and client recording notes.
  • Exercise examples
  • The confidence to treat a wider range of difficultiesYour award: A Diploma in EMDR incorporating hypnosis

We will not be spending the day talking through a manual nor face death by PowerPoint.
There will be an element of presentation and most of our day, 80% will be on practical use of E.M.D.R.
We learn quicker and easier by doing. We will practice on a Single Trauma or Event and then Multiple Traumas or Events.
We will also cover & demonstrate the use of E.M.D.R. on cravings for Substance Abuse, Nicotine and Food.
Think about how you learned to drive and I bet nobody spent hours with his or her driving instructor reading the Highway Code.
We got into the car and he/she explained the pedals, mirrors etc. and we drove off and learned by doing.
Our day will consist of me explaining the live a demonstration then you pair up and do the same.
Your manual will be presented to you on commencement and we will refer to it as and when necessary.

Complete all 4 events to earn your coveted Diploma

The Top Award: – A Diploma as a Specialist Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Venue: The Angel Hotel, 143 Regent Street

Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 4NZ

Times are start 09.30 & end 16.30

Training Fee £450.00.

This saves you £150.00

Contact John on 01926 810436 or 07799 692356